Plumbing in Siloam Springs FAQs

McReynold’s Plumbing in Siloam Springs answers your most frequently asked questions.

Plumbing FAQ's - General

Poor water pressure can be caused by hard-water buildup in pipes, hot water tank issues such as sediment buildup, or a problem with the water line such as it being pinched. Regular maintenance should stop these things from happening but if they have happened, you’ll need to call in McReynold’s Plumbing in Siloam Springs.

Call McReynold’s Plumbing in Siloam Springs immediately! We make ourselves available 24/7 for this exact reason. And, if there is potential for electrical danger, keep as far away from the emergency site as possible.

This could be caused by a problem with the tap’s aerator or a leak somewhere along its pipeline. If you cannot fix the problem by cleaning the aerator, you may be dealing with a bigger issue. Call McReynold’s Plumbing in Siloam Springs to get to the bottom of it.

Look for the main valve to your house. It will be outside by your water meter. Then, just turn it clockwise until it stops. There will be residual water in the pipes if you run a tap but it will clear out with use.

Plumbing FAQ's - Toilets

There are a lot of do it yourself methods for unclogging a toilet or drain. From the baking soda and vinegar technique, to plungers, coat hangers, and purchasing a toilet snake, all of these methods can work but are not guaranteed. Your best bet is to call McReynolds Plumbing. Not only will we unclog your toilet or sink, we’ll ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again any time soon.

There’s a simple fix for this. The water level in your toilet’s tank is controlled by a floating cap. By going inside your tank, you can adjust the cap. If it keeps happening, you may need a replacement. Get in touch with McReynolds Plumbing Inc. and we can do the job quickly and affordably.

If you find that your toilet is clogging easily all the time, chances are there’s a large obstruction. Every time you flush, it adds to the obstruction. Something that contributes to this is the use of too much toilet paper. Another contributing factor is the flushing of absorbent materials such as tampons. You could also be experiencing water flow issues or venting issues. Give McReynolds Plumbing in Siloam Springs a call. We’ll assess the situation for you and figure out the best, most affordable repair!

Grab the plunger! Stop the bowl from filling by controlling the flapper in your toilet’s tank, and get plunging. If this doesn’t help, there may be a bigger problem in which case you’ll have to call in the pros.

Water conservation and in association, cost savings. By using less water, you’ll be helping the planet and saving yourself on water bills!